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Auditions! Auditions! Auditions!

Hello fans of POP TV!Thank you for joining or being interested in the newest media outlet at Pace University! With your help, POP TV can become a very successful student operated television broadcasting club and channel at Pace University’s New York City campus.


Currently, we are looking for various students to complete these tasks:

1. HOSTING! We would like to file all those students who are interested in hosting any segment send in an audition tape for “Pace Fun Facts!” The procedure is to go as follows:

– A quick 10-30 second clip of yourself stating a fun fact about Pace.
Ex.) “Did you know that 129 countries are represented at Pace University, including India, Taiwan, China, and many more!?”

*Facts must BE REAL and if you have trouble coming up with a Pace Fun Fact, feel free to e-mail us and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with one!

-Submit the video to us through e-mail at poptv@pace.edu with your name and year.


The segment will appear on our channel and we will use it as your primary audition for other shows throughout the year, so SHOW US WHAT YOU HAVE!

We are also on the look for editors and animators, so if you have experience in these areas, feel free to e-mail us at poptv@pace.edu.

You can submit your entry anytime between RIGHT NOW and the start of the school year!

We hope to hear from you all soon!


POP TV- Pace’s Official Programming


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