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Filming Alert: Public Service Announcement


We are filming a public service announcement asking for students to become involved on campus. We’d like to feature your organization in the commercial!

Got Pace Pride? SHOW US! Your organization will inspire many students to join clubs, spark new interests, make new friends, and all around, enhance community throughout Pace University!

You can send two representatives or your entire organization (feel free to dress up in Pace or club attire!!) to star in the commercial! Don’t worry, we’ll tell you what to say and make you the celebrities of Pace University.

POP-TV will be filming on Monday Feb. 22, Tuesday Feb. 23, and Wednesday Feb. 24. Please schedule a time BY THE END OF THIS WEEK that is convenient for members of your organization to attend.

Contact us this week at to schedule a time and location!

-Kaitlynn Blyth
President of Broadcast Development & Management
Co-Founder of POP TV


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