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Deadlines & Setbacks

We had originally aimed for an Oct 1st launch but unfortunately we are setback. Right now we are not sure when the launch will be but we want to make sure that when we do, it works out for POP TV, the viewers, and the University.

Right now we are busy with many show productions and integrating new members so that they can become an active resource for the channel. We are planning to run as a bi-weekly production, so that we can stay current. We have weekly meeting on Wednesdays in room E304 at 12:15pm and all are welcome to join.

We will try our best to update you guys more on the development of POP TV. We are still open to any new show suggestions and commercial content. Do not hesitate to email us at

-Hilda Adeniji
President of Production and Promotion
Co-Founder POP TV


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