New technology, new updates, new hopes

Today POP TV had a meeting with the Dean of Students regarding our progress and possibilities for the upcoming school year and we all must say that it went SPENDIDLY 🙂

Let me back this up a bit…

After some technical glitches for a scheduled web chat between Dean O’Grady, Jeff Blaisdell (POP TV adviser and Assistant Director of Housing) and the co-founders of POP TV, it was decided amongst ourselves to switch up our meeting a bit. Since Hilda and Ivonna live within traveling distance from Pace University, they decided to join the meeting in person, while I (Kaitlynn) was put on speaker phone so I could join the chat all the way from Upstate, NY. 🙂

Despite the distance, much was accomplished including: new information regarding some new technology at Pace (we don’t know if we’re allowed to give the details just yet), more people to contact in regards to receiving money, places to meet, programming, showing some of our housing promotion animated videos, and MUCH MORE!

And a bonus, we were complimented on our writing by a lot of Pace officials! Another score for POP TV!

With a significantly large group of students anxious to be involved in some way with POP TV, we’re all striving for success with the channel and this meeting creates a positive outlook for the upcoming school year. The amount of drive and initiative from everyone- students, staff, officials, clubs, outside organizations, etc. has been absolutely phenomenal!

Now I’m off to go and celebrate some more 🙂

-Kaitlynn Blyth
President of Broadcast Development & Management
Co-Founder of POP TV


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